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Building a template service

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Interview with the founder of UIdeck

Building a template service - Interview with the founder of UIdeck

Hey Musharof, first of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are working on? 

My main project is GrayGrids, which is a premium and free bootstrap template marketplace having 40k+ users started in 2015. Then, I started UIdeck in 2016 to spend my leisure  time in a meaningful way by blogging and to support GrayGrids. Now, I am creating landing pages and UI kits from UIdeck and blogging has become optional.

We also released a free icon pack called LineIcons with collaboration with a local designer. It’s a pack of line style 450+ icons used by thousands of designers and developers right now.

This month we are going to release a UI kit called AyroUI. It's a startup and SaaS business focused bootstrap web UI kit, which comes with all essential elements for rapid and quality UI development.

And last but not least, we are building a website, publishing platform called PageBulb: a visual website builder and publishing platform for beginners. 

Now, it may sound like multiple projects, but if you see them in bird's-eye view you can realize that all of them connected. It’s kind of a spiderweb strategy.

You are the maker of the UIdeck - how did you get your first users?

Content marketing was the key, as I started UIdeck, to spend my time in a meaningful way and to support GrayGrids. I have published a few interesting articles on web design resources and basic tutorials. After a few months, I analyzed traffic data and queries and found people were mostly looking for templates and snippets. So, after that, we started developing templates and snippets instead of referring to third-party sites.

In the first few months, all UIdeck resources were open for all visitors. Then I made resources exclusive for registered users only to get leads and visitors started registering to get access to our products and freebies. This is how we got our first users and still, it continues this way.

Create real value for users as much as you can give them good reasons to pay for your products

How do you promote your project - any tips for other makers?

It's really hard to say specifically. I think I spend less time promoting than I should. Now we have around 15K subscribers, so the most significant way of promoting is sending a newsletter on the recently released product. Before having that many subscribers the main traffic sources were - search engines and referring sites (such as One Page Love, TutsPlus, etc.)

TIPS: Create real value for users as much as you can give them good reasons to pay for your products;

What SEO strategies have worked for you? 

I did nothing special with SEO for UIdeck. I tried to follow best practices from different kinds of blogs. As I have been working for the last 8/9 years on web design and development, I know the basics of SEO and recently realized I should also focus on link building and validate my practices by consulting a good SEO expert.

Let’s talk about content marketing - any plans for UIdeck or anything that really worked great for you?

Plan: I think I should move the blog to a subdirectory and keep writing basic tutorials, tips, and tricks about web design. Presently the blog is on root directory, which is not good for long term for blogging as a product development company (I learned from GrayGrids). 

The strategy that worked: The most successful contents are those which your targeted audience may search on google. For example: if you are selling landing pages your site should have good numbers of blog posts tutorials, tips-tricks on landing pages.

What advice would you give someone to get his first 100 customers?

Start with basics and improve depending on data and user’s needs. Get leads by offering free products and reach out to them with your next premium products that create value for them and provide good support if you want them as returning customers.

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