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Building successful communities

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Interview with the The Flying Dev

Hey Fabio, first of all, can you tell us a little bit about you and what are you working on?

Hello, I’m a Portuguese expat living in the United Kingdom for the last 6 years. I am currently working as a flight attendant for a short haul company. I love open source and I am a maintainer for Opsdroid, a chat-ops bot.

I’m currently developing a few projects. Lately, I’ve created a blog where I write about my journey of my attempt to change my career into dev -

You recently launched Find Communities Today - what do you think is key to running a successful community?

I’ve been to different communities and different strategies so I can’t say that you have a one recipe which fits all. I’d recommend that you think about what you are trying to achieve with your community, then you need to find people that are happy to chat about stuff that aligns with your goals.

If you are founding a new community it will be hard to get started since a lot of people will lose interest quickly, so you will need to spend a good amount of time in your channel/channels and try to keep the conversation going.

Also, don’t just advertise the community everywhere and say that you have this big goal but when people ask about stuff you just give thumbs up and don’t engage in conversation.

Remember, building a community is all about people and you need to try and connect with people before you can get a community off the ground. It will be hard, but so worth it!

If we take a look at the listed communities on Find Communities Today - what do you think is a must have for a great community?

A bunch of great people that just enjoy talking about this, that and everything in between. The most important thing to have in a community is people that jump from topic to topic and allow everyone to participate in the discussion.

Also, make sure that everyone that asks a question gets a reply, otherwise people will lose interest in the community.

What tools would you suggest to someone to build a community?

You have so many options to build a new community but one thing I would suggest is that you choose one platform and stick with it - slack, discord, telegram, gitter, spectrum, matrix… the list goes on. Chose one and stay there. The last thing you want is a divided community between different platforms.

Also, I’d recommend that you have a website for your community. It doesn’t need to be something huge, but you should create a sort of landing page for your community so people know exactly what your community is about and how they can join.

Shout out to The website is simple and has all the information that you might need if you want to know what the community is all about.

What SEO strategies have worked for you for Find Communities Today?

Find Communities Today is built using Gatsby and it already has amazing SEO capabilities out of the box, so I haven’t done anything other than making sure that keywords, descriptions and titles are set properly.

Let’s talk about content marketing - any plans for Find Communities Today and do you have any recommendations for other makers?

I’ve got to be honest and say that at the moment I don’t have any plans for marketing. Find Communities Today was my first real product launch and I thought it would help people finding communities for all platforms but it didn’t become as popular as I expected.

One recommendation would be don’t get too tied to analytics. It can be upsetting to see that you are losing views or your bounce rate increased, then one day you get a spike and you have no idea why.

Keep working on a project, but try and come up with a marketing strategy since Product Hunt launch spikes are short lived.


"...treat everyone as if they were a long lost friend."


What advice would you give someone to get his first 100 customers?

I haven’t achieved this yet, but I’d say treat everyone as if they were a long lost friend. Be kind, polite and respectful. Try to get to know your customer and possibly grow a great relationship with the customer.

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