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Building WordPress Plugins

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Interview with the founder of Simple Giveaways

Hey Igor, first of all, can you tell us a little bit about you and what are you working on? 

Hi! My name is Igor Benić and I am a web developer from Croatia.

Before becoming a serious WordPress developer, I’ve worked on projects using C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL. While I was working with that, I wanted to improve my skills with WordPress and started working on custom plugins, themes and a lot more.

Currently I am working on a few custom plugins which I hope could grow big enough so I can spend most of my working hours on them. Those plugins are:

Simple Giveaways

Simple Sponsorships


Live Scores for SportsPress

Change Prices with Time for WooCommerce

There are also a few more of them but I see those as the most important ones that could provide me with such financial freedom.

You are the maker of the WordPress Plugin Simple Giveaways - how did you get your first users?

I was the first user of the plugin actually :D I was trying to grow my email list and my blog so I wanted to have giveaways. Back then, the giveaway plugins recommended by marketers were too expensive for my budget.

Once I was happy with it, I pushed it to the WordPress plugin repository. And since I was the first user, I started improving it for myself. In the meantime the user base has grown through the plugin search and I have also used Facebook Ads and written a tutorial on using it.

It was a slow growth at first and I think it took me several months to get the first 100 users.

There are thousands of wordpress plugins. How do you promote your Plugins - any tips for other makers?

To promote it even further, I have created a simple free course on growing the email list by using Simple Giveaways. I guess, that might have helped a bit with SEO.

I am still pretty bad at promoting it. I’ve done a few Facebook Ads as mentioned before but other than that, nothing too much.

If you have a premium plugin or product, then consider creating an affiliate system. Affiliates will promote your product to get you more users because it will also help them earn some money.

Consider also offering your product to some product reviewers and similar sites where they can use your product for themselves and also review it. This will get more traffic to your product as well.

Something I did a few months ago that I should have done at the beginning. Add your product on Indiehackers. I am also trying to add a milestone everytime I push a new major release. There are a lot of makers there and they’ll see your updates. Maybe someone will try to contact you for a partnership or similar.

Let’s talk about content marketing - any plans for Simple Giveaways or anything that really worked great for you?

I’ve seen people signing up to my course on growing the email list using Simple Giveaways so I plan to update it and maybe create some more tutorials.

I’ve also started working on articles about Giveaways. I am trying to explain every major update of Simple Giveaways so people know how to use them.

I’ve also hired Maddy Osman for articles. She creates great articles and researches the topics so I have more time focusing on developing new features. And I did see an increase in visitors to my site once she published her articles.


First, don’t stress yourself if the first 100 customers are not there even months after you’ve launched your product.


What advice would you give someone to get his first 100 customers?

First, don’t stress yourself if the first 100 customers are not there even months after you’ve launched your product.

Join a few Facebook groups that are related to your product and read what people are talking about there. Also, try to join the discussions there. Once there is an opportunity to let people know about your product, write it down in a reply. But don’t be too pushy with it as they could do the opposite.

Try following Quora topics and do a similar thing as with Facebook groups. But here, in your own answers (if you provide them), you can promote your product. When I’ve done it, I’ve done it at the bottom of the answer which was usually long. If the answer is really helpful, you could get some traffic to your product.

You can try using Ads on social media or other platforms, but don’t expect too much from them.

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