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Running a design agency

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Insights from a serial entrepreneur

Hey Fajar, first of all, can you tell us a little bit about you and what you are working on? 

Hey Growth Hack List! Thank you for this opportunity. Currently right now i’m working on side projects on my free time as much as growing my company. Pretty much i’m balancing between earning money, building things and learning stuff. So currently, there are about 6 side projects I am making in indie-making in 2019 but there are over 20 ideas i have written in  my notepad but have not shared it yet on the internet. So over all i make 3 companies in indie-making and bootstrapped since past 10 years, so currently i’m working on some fun side-projects! Everything is on

One of your projects Euphorya is a design agency. How did you get your first customers?

This is exciting question! I love this. I was very active on forums back in the days, there were many indie musicians and artists! I shared about my designs and skills in graphic design. I was obsessed and passionate about making graphic t-shirts! So i sold for $20 first graphic design ever in my life! After 2005, in 2008 i started using then i got a lot of sales from friends in the yo-yo community and also close friends who on facebook paid for my graphic design work. I made $400 and have about 3 customers. Then i started making a website using in 2011. In 2012, i started to make websites, to market more on the facebook page, instagram, events and also promote Euphorya, a design agency in the local startup community. I started to make from $1,000 to $3,000 a month by doing graphic design and web-design.

What is your main acquisition channel for new customers? 

For Euphorya, Design Agency: Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp.

I also have exclusive portfolio access to new clients (i don’t upload my 10 years portfolio online) So only serious customers meet me in meeting, i will show them my ideas.

You are very active on social media like instagram, twitch and twitter - how important is it for your agency work?

It is very important to make networking with startup founders, entrepreneurs,  business owners, community leaders, freelancers, indie-makers and digital nomads who travel and work. Is not just about your product or service but yourself. In today’s world, people build meaningful relationships online through networking. Your network is your net worth. You can always get inspired by looking at someone else’s work or what they are doing. This is something you can’t get on social media or some site. Communication and sharing about what you do, people will be interested in what you do mainly. So from there you create opportunities.  Instagram, twitch and twitter is just a communication tool and portfolio platform.


SEO is overrated. I’m so done with search engine. Yes you get tons of statistics results. But what can you do to improve? I use analytics monitoring which is better.


Are you using some SEO strategies for your projects?

SEO is overrated. I’m so done with search engine. Yes you get tons of statistics results. But what can you do to improve? I use analytics monitoring which is better.
In online business, people care so much about being the top in search engine like google. But for me, i don’t focus about this. I focus on growth of sales, product making and community. More human, open and fun.

You are sharing your business data for your agency - did it help you to get new customers or more attention?

I don't have a problem to share my business data. If they are my competitor, they can learn. Being open meaning, you choose to control what to share. So i share what is relevant for me, it gives new customers also more insights.

What advice would you give someone to get his first 100 customers?

Build community & fans, they will give you the best feedback and you keep creating better product & service from time to time. It will grow, you have to believe. Don’t push people to buy your product but showcase your product/service. 

Create different kind of marketing for sales of course.

Example: 2 for 1, 10 free credits, FREE for 14 days, First 100 sign ups received Pro Account. Offer people refunds and money back gurantee. Building trust with customers is important. Execution is so important. If people are paying, make sure they get the best of the best of your product/service.

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