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Anchor Text

How to write good anchor texts for your website

Anchor Text


Anchor text is the visible and clickable text you have in a hyperlink. Since google has rolled out their Penguin Update for the first time in 2012 they are playing a big roll for SEO. Let's first take a look at the different types of anchor texts are.


Anchor text types

[Different types of anchor texts]

Examples for Growthhacklist

Exact Match: 

Growthhacklist’ anchor text  is a great article.

Partial Match

Growthhacklist' article about anchor text is a great resource.


Growthhacklist’ article about anchor test is a great resource.

Naked URL

Growthhacklist' article (https://growthhacklist.com/methods/anchor-text) is a great resource.


Growthhacklist article is a great resource. Read here the full article.

Image links: the anchor text is the alt text of the image (according to Google).

<a href=”https://growthhacklist.com/methods/anchor-text”>
<img src=”/anchor-text.png” alt=”Anchor Text”/>

LSI Anchors: To find variatios of your keyword you can use tools like lsipraph

Growthhacklist article is a great resource. Read here the full article.

So how to write a good anchor text for SEO?

MOZ suggests the following rules for SEO-friendly anchor text.

1. As succinct as possible

2. Link relevancy

3. Anchor text keyword density - but don't use too many keyword heavy links because Google might sense spammy behavior

4. Not generic

Where to read more about it?

[1] MOZ anchor text guide

[2] Anchor Text Guide for 2019

[3] Google Algorithm Change History

[4] LSI tool