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Build relationships before launch 

Last wednesday I launched the second version of Growthhacklist on Producthunt. I was quite happy with the launch, which received more than 600 upvotes, 300 new signed up users and my newsletter passed the 1000 subscribers. 



While looking at my previous launches, I think one thing that I often overlooked was the importance of building relationships before launching. 

Building relationships online isn’t easy and figuring out how to engage can be tricky. You want to be helpful. You want to be nice. You want to say something informed. You don’t want to beg for something or sneak into a conversation you are not really involved in. 

1. Join the right community 

I can’t tell you which community is the right one for you but joining an active community can be pure gold and can have big effects on your network. In my case, as I try to build a start up as an indie maker, it is MakerLog that I have chosen as my community. People are super friendly and you get a lot of help and inspiration. 


2. Twitter 

Not really a surprise but Twitter is one of the best tools out there to connect with people in your niche. For me it is still king for building relationships with people you admire and find interesting. 

3. Be helpful 

I can’t emphasize this more but being helpful to people is, in my opinion, one of the most important things. First of all, you feel better if you can help someone with his or her problem but at the end, above all, Karma will strike back and the people you helped will remember it when you are in need of help. 

4. Be thankful

You should appreciate the help of other people - even if it is only a Retweet on Twitter or a short mention from someone. Be thankful for it! 

5. Include your contacts in things you post online.

I try as often as possible to mention people in my posts or tweets, give them credit for their work or help. 


6. Engage in forums and discussions

Be active in forums and answer questions or start a new discussion. Here is an example of a question I asked on the Forum of MakerLog:


7. Connect with people having the same problem as you  

There is someone out there who is having or has had the same problem as you. Find those people and connect with them. It helps a lot to exchange your thoughts and ideas. For example, in my case, chatting with Chris from Wellpaid.io and Stefan from Fullstackjob was a huge help and inspiration to learn how they are handling the chicken-egg problem with their job boards.