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Build your Twitter following

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Some tricks to grow your followers

Build your Twitter following

Twitter is a great tool to connect with people and can be also a great tool to promote your product or service. Let's check out some really great tips from Hubspot and Buffer and how they are using Twitter. 

Build lists on Twitter

  1. Create lists of targeted twitter users

There are several unique ways you could create twitter lists. An awesome method is to make mini-communities of people with same interests. You could also invite people to this group and make it public. 

  1. Create a list for your customers

Another great idea is to build lists for your customers. Think about the interests of your customers or users and build them a great resource of people to follow. For example, for Growthhacklist I could build a list of Indiemakers building job boards or SaaS. 

  1. Build a list of your niche or industry sector or your competitors

With the list of competitors you can always take a look at stuff they are sharing and get some inspiration for your social media activities. Another possibility is to build a list with Twitter users working in your niche.

  1. Leader of your niche

Who are the thought leaders in your niche? Add them to a list, it will help people a lot to filter the right informations. 

  1. Location or profession based lists

Build a list around a location or a profession. For example you could build a list of all designers in Toronto. 

Follow the followers of your competitor

Another idea -as easy as it is- is to follow the followers of your competitor. Identify competitors,  products or services similar to yours. Their followers also might be interested in following you. 

What other makers are doing?

Let's take a look at a great list of indiemaker Fajar - he was so kind to answer my question in the MakerLog forum:


6 Simple Growth-Hacking Tips & Tricks to Build Your Twitter Following

23 Seldom-Used Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists

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