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Business Name Search

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Four great tools helping with your business name search

The idea of starting one’s own business can be quite overwhelming. You arrange everything as a logical process and in a way you would like to execute as your startup progresses. In the process of establishing a business, no one wants to be slowed down. With this mindset, however, you can still stumble upon issues. Coming up with a marketable business name is one of these unexpected difficulties of starting a business, but there is still hope. Following we introduce you to the idea of using tools to research and validate name ideas.

Using tools for your business name search?

There are a number “name generator” and “name checker” tools online. These tools can help you saving time, if used smartly. Usually, these tools check or suggest a wide range of names. Every business has a unique nature and requires you, as the business owner, to select the right name for it. When it comes to checking keep an eye only on the social networks and domains you really want - don’t waste your time registered accounts you will never use.

The name generator tools offer a search box where you enter a keyword of your choice. Based on the algorithm implemented in the name generator, the tool will produce a number of options from which you can choose the most appropriate name for your business. For the name checker tools it’s similar, just they should you test results. Some services combine the two options.

Here we present four of those naming tools which will help you to brainstorm project and business names. You don’t have to put much of creativity in doing this. From the results obtained using a name generator, your work will be to check each one of them before arriving at the final decision. Check out these top four tools that we have selected for you.

Check Domains and Usernames using Namecheck 

Checking your business idea to see if it is already taken or not can be so time-consuming and involving if you don’t have such tools as This tool will query various domains, brand names, as well as common apps stores. With this search, you will get a comprehensive overview of your brand name. You don’t have to waste your time doing manual search anymore. Have all done using this powerful tool. This works well, if you are planning to check one name, if you check a long list of names keep use one of the other tools below. user interface.

Namechek for Username, Domain, and Trademark Search

You can use this free online tool to search for usernames and domains. It offers you an efficient way of searching if your desired username has already been used on any social network or domain extensions.

Namechk makes users organize their search results in different ways. You can order the search results by rank, available networks or developer-focused networks. The search results can be downloaded for offline usage. Naturally, to register a new domain name or business name you will need to get back online though.

Enter a username to register on this site to search for availability

startup name check: one checker to rule them all

This name checker tool for startups helps you checking the availability. It works for a list of names you have in mind. All results are displayed in a simple table and it works for both usernames & domain names at the same time. It is very fast, reliable, and straightforward to use. No registration is required to use the service. 

Start typing the first name you have in mind in the search box and hit on “Check” button. You don’t need to enter a domain name: a simple keyword is enough. Suggestions will be generated from your keyword and offered as you go. If you don’t like the suggestions you can untick the checkbox (at the bottom of the suggestion window). Keep adding further names to the list until you’ve checked all names you can come up with.

This tool will verify top-level domain names and usernames across all major social media platforms. You can configure which social networks and domains you desire to check after the first check. Currently, over 50 options are available under the “cog” symbol. - social and domain name availability search 

This tool lets you check domain and user name availability across many social networks. Get a unique business name which is not conflicting with someone else's project. Use this free online tool to ensure that you are the only one who uses a particular name. Using a business name which is the same as that of another business is not allowed, and this tool is designed purposely to check whether or not a given name is already in use.

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