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Content Upgrades

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Build trust with content upgrades

Content upgrade offers

If you want to build trust or build relationships with your existing or new customers you can offer them content upgrades. I put together a little list with examples of content upgrades you can offer them in exchange for example their email address:

  • Create something extra for your article like a checklist or a PDF version of your article 
  • Create a little ebook and give that ebook in exchange for your reader’s email 
  • Create a downloadable infographic, poster or image
  • Collection of popular blog posts in ebook format
  • Offer templates for email, blog headlines, landing pages etc. 
  • Create a guide or a report
  • Cheat sheet for a programming language or a software tool
  • List of resources 
  • Offer transcripts of your video or podcast
  • Interview an expert in your niche and offer the transcript as upgrade
  • Create a spreadsheet 



1. Intercom

Intercom is offering several e-books and guides as an upgrade for leaving your email address


2. Teachable

Teachable will teach how to create an email course by leaving your email address


3. Convertkit

Convertkit is offering guides for online creators



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