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Create a product tour for new users

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How to use Appcues for onboarding

When new users login to your app, they are ready to get started. In this tutorial we will show you to create a product tour for new users with Appcues

First of all make sure you have a Appcues account and that you are logged in. Next create your first flow in the dashboard.

After that you need to add the chrome extension to your browser. Back in the dashboard you can choose between different options like announcements, new features or in our case new user onboarding. Also insert the exact url you want to build the flow for. 

Appcues will open your website where you can start working on your onboarding experience. 

First step: add a welcome message for your new users. You can fully customize your welcome message - if you need some examples check out our database .

Second step: Add Hotspots to guide the new user - for example for Growthhacklist, I want to show a new user the most important features like add achievements, the chat and the introduce functionality in the forum. 

You have different options to highlight features and guide new user - you can add modals, slideouts, tooltips or hotspots. 

Third step: 

After adding your welcome tour click on Target & Publish. You will be redirected to your dashboard and your flow information. Here you can add a Trigger and define when this flow launches and also decide the audience who should see the flow. 

Last step: Installation 

The last step is to add Appcues to your website. You have two options for that, with Segment or with some code snippets. 

If you choose the developer guide you can choose between different options.

In our example we go with the HTML option - Copy the snippet and paste it as the first item in your <head> section on every page you want to use Appcues. 

<script src="//"></script>Copy

In the next steps you need to add the code snippets to Identify users and track events. If you are running into some trouble you can always check your website with the Appcues debugger by appending ?hey_appcues to the URL of any page where Appcues is installed. 

Thats it basically - great work! 

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