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Create a subreddit

Create your own channel on Reddit

Create your own subreddit 

There are a lot of subreddits you can post content to. If you want for example to promote your recently launched project you could post your MVP to subreddits like /r/AlphaandBetausers/r/RoastMyStartup or /r/SideProject

Check out our Startup directory List for more subreddits and other websites you can post your start up 

Another way you could use Reddit is just to create and customize your own Subreddit. In essence, a subreddit is just like a niche forum (you could also build your own with for example Discourse) where you can set specific rules, add moderators for each subreddit and voting systems for links, self-posts, and comments that depends on the subreddit theme

[Create a community on Reddit]

Reddit lets you easily create different types of communities - public, restricted and private ones and also customize the appearance of your community. So in a nutshell, Reddit can be a perfect place to create easily your own community without thinking about software or server costs.