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CTR Methods

Increase organic traffic with two simple methods.

Increase your organic traffic with these two simple methods.

If you want to improve your website’s SEO the Click-through-rate Method and using power words are two easy and simple strategies you can implement today.

While working on my projects I always run into the problem that I try to improve my Website’s SEO. To improve it you can try out two methods which are easy to implement. The first method is called the Click-through-rate Magnet Method. It is a simple method you can do in two steps. Click-through rate is mostly used by marketers to measure the success of their online advertising campaign. The higher CTR, the better.

First step:

Find adwords ad for your keyword.

First of all, you need to find adword ads for your keyword or for related keywords. For example, for Growthhacklist I searched for the keyword growth hack methods. Although I didn’t find ads, it was interesting that most of the ranked results had the words techniques and strategies in their headline. For other related keywords, I also find out that a lot of the high ranked results were using the word best in their headline.

Second step:

Include word and phrases from adwords ads in the title and description tag.

Because of that, I decided to add these words to my meta description. Furthermore, I used a method called Power Words to find good words for my meta description. Power words are words like today, right now, fast, works quickly, step-by-step, easy, best and simple which have been proven to generate more clicks. At the end I added the power word best to my meta description.



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