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Offering a Free Trial

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Offering a free trial helped Shopify hack its way to 150,000 users

Offering a Free Trial

There are two options to give customers a better idea of your product: Offering a free trial or just giving a teaser of your product - With this article, we want to summarize the advantages and strategies of offering a free trial for your customers. 



Offering a free trial helped Shopify a lot to obtain get their large huge user base. Shopify was a small company and to prove the value of their proposition they offered and they are still offering 14 days of free usage. It helped them immensely to grow in a competitive market like the e-commerce market. Another good example for offering a free trial is Totango - a software for customer service. 38% of their new business came from free trials and freemium.



Strategies to increase free trial sign ups

There are some strategies to increase sign-ups.  Optimonster wrote a great article about How to Increase Free Trial Signups and summarized 17 strategies you should keep in mind when setting up a free trial. Another great overview was written by Sujan Patel in his article 15 Strategies to increase free trial sign-ups. Let's take a look at some of the suggested techniques.      

1. Put a referral program into your onboarding process. With this strategy, Dropbox managed to get 4 million users in 15 months.

2. Put your focus on "true evaluators" - Find out which users are active and using your service frequently. You can find active users, for example, with the help of google analytics and add  Multi Session Users.

3. Make signing up easy and simple. Keep the signup form short with only three fields like username, email, and password. You could also consider adding social media sign up to make it even easier to sign up. A lost point you need to figure out by yourself is if you want to ask your user for credit card details when signing up. If you want to read more about it you should take a look at this blog post of Chargebee.

4. Put the main benefit of your product in the headline. In the subline, you can explain for whom it is and why they need it.


5. Make pricing clear for your customer - Also use the wording See plans and pricing instead of Sign up for free trial.


6. Offer live chat support.

7. Allow Users to Sign Up without their card details.

8. Offer special prices to visitors, with for example

β€œThree month free trial: First 100 users only!”

β€œSign up for a free trial today and if you like us, your first six months are half price!”

9. Use "See plans and pricing" instead of "Free trial" - this helped 37signals to an increase of 200%

10. Implement Pop-Up forms - like it or not, Pop-Up forms can increase signups. If you want to read more about Pop-Ups you should read our article about it.

11. Social proof of your product is very important. Put social counters or testimonials on the landing page.


What other makers are doing

a) Blurt 15 days free trial - Live Chat support + clear benefit: Blurt is a tool to capture your thoughts and improve your writing. It has a trial conversion of 52% !

b) Scrumpy 14 days free trial - Project managing tool shows Social Proof