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Build a membership site

Sell memberships to your audience with Memberful

In this tutorial we will show you how to easily turn any website into a membership site with the help of Memberful.



  1. 1. Create account
  2. 2. Adding it to your website
  3. 3. Settings

What you will need

  1. 1. Memberful Account
  2. 2. Stripe Account

First of all create a memberful account and add your account url to the dashboard. After setting up your account you can choose between WordPress or something else. For our tutorial we will choose the second option as we want to integrate Memberful on our website.

Add account url 
Choose second option for your website

You will get two code snippets from Memberful. The first one you need to copy and paste into your head section of the website. 


Add this code into your <head> section

The second one is a purchase link you need to add to a button or a link on your website. 

<a href="your purchase link">Buy Sample Plan for $25/month.</a>

After adding the code, Memberful let’s you test the integration. To do so you can create an account by using a test credit card number like 4242 4242 4242 4242. 

Test payment view

If everything is working properly you need to activate Memberful and connect your stripe account.

Connect your stripe account

Settings and options

Let’s take a quick look at the settings and options. In your dashboard you can easily customize the form, add your logo or choose an image. You can also decide what emails you customers will get after signing up.

Settings and options in your dashboard

Furthermore you can add super quickly new plans or discounts to your checkout and add others to your administration area.

It is really incredible how easily Memberful lets you integrate memberships into your website. I needed not more then 5 minutes to set everything up. Compared to a self coded membership site and it can really save you a lot of time and especially simplify the maintenance of your users billing and memberships.