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Improve your website with Siteguru

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How to create a free website audit report

How to create a free website audit report

In this tutorial we will show you how to

  • check all pages for SEO issues 
  • create an audit for a website 
  • optimize your site structure 

We will do this with SiteGuru - you can easily create an audit for your website by signing up and add the website you want to analyze.

Add your website 

After adding your website SiteGuru will create an audit with a site summary showing you exactly how your site is performing.

Audit for Sportekjobs

Improve your content 

  • Improve your Page titles: A good page title is very important for SEO. Google will usually show the first 50 to 70 characters of your title in their search results.
  • Add a good meta description to your site. SiteGuru suggests that it should be unique and between 120-170 characters.
  • Headings: Use a H1 for the most important heading, and H2 or H3 for headings of less importance.
  • Images should have an alt tag and a textual description. 

Technical Improvements

  • Improve your pagespeed.
  • Valid HTML - SiteGuru will show you a report with the errors they found using the W3 HTML Validator.
  • Use the robots metatag so you can instruct search engines if they are allowed to index your page.
  • Don't use a lot of different javascript and css files.


SiteGuru also lets you check your internal and external links. You can see which links are broken and analyze which important pages do not have enough internal links.


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