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Launch in public

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Make an event around your launch

Launch in public - how to make an event around your launch

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Big companies like Apple or Facebook have big events to announce new products or services  - so why don’t you do a little event around your launch too? 

Impossible - well, not really. Take a look at the launch event around the second version of Leave Me Alone App. For their newest version of their email unsubscribe service they created a launch stream on Twitch interviewing well known indie makers. 

Ideas you can do around the launch event

  • Interview people in your niche
  • Bring in guest speakers
  • Do an AMA
  • Q&As and how-to sessions
  • Present features, new services or products in a little live presentation
  • Little videos of features, new services or products 
  • Show inside in your business: For example, tools you use or an office tour
  • Behind the scenes tour of your desk
  • Spotlight a customer success story 
  • Create a Instagram story of your launch
  • If you are a small team you could talk about the whole workflow - from the design, programming perspective etc.

Planning out your event

Here are some short thoughts about planning your event: 

  • You should script your event thoroughly. 
  • Take notes and build an exact time schedule about when and what is going to happen. 
  • Another element you could plan in advance are pre-recorded videos. 
  • Do multiple streaming test runs the days before
  • Expect internet issues and be prepared for them
  • Have backups of everything*

You also need a good live streaming setup. You could use platforms like Twitch, Youtube or try out a streaming software like Dacast. For a more detailed technical overview you can also look at this article: 

6 video streaming software compatible with your live streaming platform.

Marketing and building buzz

Last but not least you need to think about ways to promote your upcoming live stream. Here are some ways in which you could do that:

  • Go where your audience is - Share it on social media channels, groups and your accounts
  • Share it in forums and communities you are active in
  • Invite email subscribers to tune in
  • Make a little video teaser of the event
  • Send a few invitations about the live streaming event to journalists and influential individuals


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How to boost your new product launch with live streaming

*Tips from Dan Sloan 

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