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Building a No-Code MVP - Get the first attention for your idea


You are working on Remetea - tell us a bit about the tools you are using to build the first version of it?

I started creating Remetea quickly for Product Hunts Maker’s Fest just about a month ago, using Coda. It’s a no-code platform that allowed me to easily set up an MVP for Remetea. After winning the Wellness and Health category, I decided to push this little idea further and am now heading into a more developed second version. The tools I’m currently using is nothing more than some code and social media.

Remetea is in the early beginning - What plans do you have for content marketing?

My content marketing strategy is actually quite simple: shareable infographics. Chances are when you discover something for the first time, you didn’t read about it, you stumbled upon an appealing image or video.

From tea basics to recipes and selfcare uses, creating images of this info allows people to gain interest immediately.

Let’s talk about social media. We recently wrote an article about growing your twitter audience  - What free social media strategies/hacks do you find very helpful?

I’m leveraging Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to post graphics that give you insight about tea. And because it’s social media, all it takes is one click to gain more and more impressions.

Because I’m in the pre-launch stage of Remetea version 2.0, spreading awareness of what’s coming soon by sharing actual content is top priority. This establishes credibility and people will know what to expect.

Just because you’re not launched yet does not mean you can’t grow your audience in the meantime. And launching with an audience who has been waiting? Well, that’s a remarkable feeling.

What advice would you give someone to get his first 100 customers?

Be passionate in every step of the way, and share it publicly. From the building process, to the lows and highs, lessons learned, and so on. When you’re passionate about something, it’s contagious.