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Plain text emails

Start sending Plain-Text emails

Start sending Plain-Text emails

Karthik Suroju of Newton  shared this little idea an interview.  They increased their email response rate by +156% by just sending Plain-text email instead of HTML emails. 

Example of plain text email of Newton

They also following always three important rules with every email:

  • They never send β€˜No reply’ emails
  • They encourage users to reply to all emails, newsletters included.
  • They respond to all queries within a few minutes, even on holidays.
Another email example

What are other makers doing?

While writing this article, I started to ask other indiemakers in the subreddit of Entrepreneurs and on Indiehackers  what they think about plain text emails - here are some answers:





It really interesting that all comments were in favor of plain text emails. If you want to see what other bigger companies are doing, you can also take a look at the website  Good Email Copy  and copy the style of succesful StartUps/Companies like Slack or Basecamp.


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