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Talk to visitors with Smallchat

Combine Slack with Smallchat for cusomter support

Talk to your visitors with Smallchat

This tutorial will show you how you can talk easily to your website visitors with Slack and Smallchat



  1. Go to Smallchat and login via your Slack account. Choose your workspace you want to talk to your customers
  1. Customize the preferences of Smallchat and how it will interact with Slack
  1. Add a channel to your workspace and customize the appearance on your website. Choose the location, the CSS color and the Launcher type.


  1. Copy the Embed code and paste the script anywhere inside body tag.


  1. If you are using a CMS like Wordpress add the script to one of your template files, such as footer.php, or you can use a simple script plugin such as Simple Custom CSS and JS — WordPress Plugins
  3. Finally go to your Slack channel and start talking to your customers :-)