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Add testimonials to your site

Add testimonials to your site

Testimonials are the best social proof for your product or service. Talk to your customers what they like about your product. If you can add these testimonials that show your product's benefits. Even better if you can get an influencer to do it.


Another great example of featured customers as testimonials is the landing page of Canny - a software to track feedback of your customers. 


Furthermore I have found some great ideas from Video fruit how to attract users by being a testimonial on other websites. Here is their strategy:

1. Make a list of 5 products or services that you’ve purchased and which is related to your business.
2. Write a short testimonial documenting what you really like about the product.
3. Send that testimonial to the owner of the product and thank them for their work.

With this strategy you might be featured on their homepage and get visits to your website. 


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