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πŸ’¬ Community

Write together

Community for teaching people to write through the power of

Owen Williams

πŸ“˜ Book

Userbly Guides

A guide on how to make great landing pages

Craig Barber

πŸ“˜ Book


Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the indie way

Pieter Levels

πŸ“˜ Book

Make & Shine

An Indie Maker's Guide to Personal Branding

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

πŸ–₯️ Tutorial

Built with Carrd

The video training program that teaches you how to build and

Ben Tossel

πŸ”— Website

The best free sites for makers

Craig Barber

πŸ’¬ Community

A community of makers

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

πŸ’¬ Community


A community to chat with other women entrepreneurs, help eac


πŸ’¬ Community


Elpha is a private community designed and built by women to

Cadran Cowansage Kuan Luo and Abadesi

πŸ“˜ Book

Company of One

Guide to building a business as an individual

Paul Jarvis

πŸ’¬ Community


A community of makers shipping live

Pat Walls, Armin Ulrich and Melanie Massinger

πŸ’¬ Community

Maker's Kitchen

Community for Indie Product Makers

Dinuka, Nuwan and Shehan

πŸ’¬ Community

Mega Maker

MegaMaker is for geeks who ❀️ making things. We help develop

Justin Jackson

πŸ’¬ Community


Makerlog is a community of makers helping each other ship fa

Sergio Mattei

πŸ“˜ Book


Get Attention is the comprehensive communications strategy f

Kelly Miller

πŸ”— Website

Flavio Copes

Website with tutorials and handbooks for JavaScript develope

Flavio Copes