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"How do I turn my idea
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Running a company solo works

It has never been easier to launch and run a business as a solo founder. AJ a guy in Nashville is running Carrd; a platform for building simple, fully responsive one-page sites and is making over $30.000/month as an indie maker.

The founder of MakerPad, Ben Tossel, is generating over $22.000/month and his platform is built without code. Bootstrapped companies like Makerpad, Nomadlist and Transistor generated together close to $500.000 revenue between March and September.

But anyone who has ever tried to turn his idea into a profitable business knows how hard it is to attract visitors, gain more users and create a revenue stream.

So what works to grow your idea to a profitable business?

Source: Indiehackers

Affordable tools to scale

Thanks to awesome tools like Heroku, Stripe or Zapier you can easily run an online business with less then $20, automating your workflow and billing. NoCode tools like Webflow or Airtable let you build and operate businesses without even needing to code.

All the mentioned tools empower a single person to run a company as a single founder and make a living.

Revenue between March and September 2019


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