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Make a Webinar/Course[under construction]

If you are an expert in a certain field you could build a course and share your knowledge. It is certainly hard to build up an audience but also it was never easier to build an online course for people and share your knowledge with a bigger audience. We will take a look at two programming teachers which I particularly find of the greatest resources you can find on the web to learn everything about programming. 


To establish yourself as an expert you could create a webinar or build a course. One of the best examples and a great teacher is Wes Bos and his programming courses. He is still publishing short videos for free on Youtube but has established himself as a programming tutor and his platform is growing without 

Teach an online class to establish yourself as an expert. Examples:



Wes Bos
One of the best example and a great teacher is Web Bos and his programming courses: http://wesbos.com/


Flavio Copes


Here is a little list of tools you could use to build an online course. Let me know if there are more tools I forgot. 

Creating a course website:

Screen recording:
Audio recording:



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