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Validate your side project idea

We put together a little list on how to validate your next idea - you will find a lot of articles about validation so we keep it short with this list.


In the following, we will give you a guide you can use to validate your side project. It is based on the article "How to create a side project that customers actually want" which we can highly recommend.


Validate your project

"Find customers, analyze their pains, write a pitch and create a feedback loop"

1. The first thing you need is a hunch, a hypothesis. Your hypothesis should have a user or customer associated.

2. After you can identify a user go to a place where the user hangs out. This can be Quora, Reddit Channels, Facebook groups, Slack channels, review websites or support forums. 

3. The next thing you should do is document the customer pains. Put it in a spreadsheet and search for conversations that are relevant for your hypothesis. 

4. Copy and paste everything that is useful and relevant to your sheet and use the customer's language to create the pitch later. 

5. Find patterns: Highlight any particularly visceral language.

6. After that we start to write our pitch: Try to evoke the pain, imagine the dream solution and introduce the fix of the problem. Write it down in a bullet-pointed list and think about how customer's quality life would improve. 

7. At the end describe exactly your product "fix". 


Sources: Liam Sarsfield - How to Create a Side Project that Customers Actually Want