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Scroll PopUp

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Scroll Pop Upsย are annoying but also effective

Small Tactics

Scroll Pop Ups 

Scroll Pop Ups shitty growth hacking method or worth to implement on your site?


Scroll PopUps can be annoying but at the end, they also can be quite effective to engage your user. If you want to read some opinions about PopUps then read the twitter thread of Ben Tossel and his opinion about Pop Ups. It is very important to know that people don't like entry popups and few people actually make it to the bottom of your article to see your bottom page CTA. Because of that  Wishpond suggests to implement your pop up after 30% of your content. This means your user is already interested in your content and a CTA is more effective than at the beginning of your site. At 70% Wishpond suggests having a more in-depth ask such as an ebook and newsletter sign up, in exchange for names, company information and an email [1].

How To

First of all, make it easy to disengage. This popup makes it very easy to disengage and return to the website. 

Make your pop ups relevant. The best thing to do that users like your pop ups is present valuable content, features or giveaways.  Here’s an example. This pop-up appears when blog traffic heads to the “healthy eating” tab of a healthy lifestyles blog:  

Here are some examples you could offer your user in your pop up: Ebooks, Access to an exclusive community,    Free templates, Free resources, Discounts or Promotions. 

  • Location is very important: Depending on your type of business there will be places that popups will be most effective. Reevaluate your goals and see where a popup can give you a boost.
  • Language is key. The language and communication you use on your popup play a huge role in how well that popup converts your visitors. Test what works fine for you and variate your headlines. 
  • Define a clear call to action - Your CTA must match their intent and expectation.

Tipps what to add to your Pop Up

  • Offer content upgrade 
  • Suggest related posts
  • Include a picture
  • Give a reminder
  • Offer a discount 
  • Offer free shipping if you have a estore 
  • Add Urgency 
  • Offer a free trial 
  • Suggest related/popular products 
  • Make them laugh
  • Offer to chat
  • Use social proof (Example: "Over 100.000+ web developers can't be wrong...")
  • Use numbers
  • Include testimonials[2]


To get a better idea what other indiemakers are doing I did a little research on Indiehackers. Thanks to their filter functionality I took a look at self-funded companies which are currently run by 1-9 persons and analyzed which types of Pop Ups these companies are using or if they don't use a Pop Up at all. Here is a little overview: 

Company Category Revenue Pop Up
Helpmonks Collaborative email platform  $50k/month Chat Pop Up after certain time
CBlocks Cryptocurrency  $30k/month No Pop Ups found
wpSasS WordPress Support $10k/month No Pop Ups found
Software Daily Podcast $60k/month No Pop Ups found
Hacker Paradise Traveling Community $35k/month No Pop Ups found
Tettra Simple Wiki Software $24k/month Little chat support Pop Up
Coder Pad Interviewing Platform for Programmers $170k/month No Pop Ups found
Snipcart E-commerce for developers $43k/month Email Pop Up on Subpage
PremiumCoding WordPress Themes $15k/month Huge Sale Pop Up
EditionGuard eBook Anti-Piracy solution $25k/month Little chat support Pop Up
Bubble Content Management System $137k/month No Pop Ups found
Snappies Clothing $1.5k/month Little discount Pop Up + after scrolling newsletter Pop Up
Timetastic Time managing software $28k/month No Pop Ups found
Populum Oil brand $70k/month Newsletter Pop Up after scrolling





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