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Your Sign Up Flow

One of the most important parts of your product is the experience of a new user. Andrew Chen, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, describes it very good in his Ebook Rational Growth.


Improve your Sign Up flow

To improve your sign up flow he suggests to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What does your signup flow look like?

2. What are the different actions that are required for a new user to signup to your website?

3. What are your completion rates at each step?

To analyze each step you need to take a look at the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of each action and add the percentage of users that complete that action.




Landing SignUp 25%
Create Profile Asking for user name etc. 40%
Watch Tutorial Watch tutorial on Homepage 65%
Total Users signed up   18,5%

FrictionBuilding a spreadsheet like that can give you useful numbers and insights to potential changes.

To improve your Sign Up flow the concept of friction is essential. Friction, defined as “the psychological resistance that your visitors experience when trying to complete an action, is a conversion killer. You can measure your friction basically through three aspects (via Totango):

  1. Steps to completion – the number of steps or the series of pages that the user is expected to pass through

  2. Information cost – the number of fields that a user has to fill up

  3. Effort investment – the number of decisions the user must make, and the number of additional activities required to be completed (e.g. email confirmation, CAPTCHA, etc.)


Usually, there are three common Sign-up flows, especially in SaaS products (via conversionxl).

1. App Access After a Series of Tasks

2. Account Setup After App Access

3. Access App Immediately

Let's take a look at some successful bootstrapped Start Ups and their Sign-up flow:


Sign up (Email ID + Password) → Account Setup → Email Confirmation → App


Sign up (Email ID) → App → Email Confirmation → Account Setup


App → Sign up (Email + Password) → Email Confirmation → Account Setup


Work in Progress

Sign up (Email + Payment) → App → Email Confirmation → Account Setup (Chat Access)



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