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Tell your story

Getting attention from potential users or customers can be hard. To get the attention of the internet it is often necessary to tell a good and interesting story. I don't refer to make stuff up but to give your product, your idea, your project a context people can take as an inspiration, they can learn from or that make them curious to follow your progress.


12 StartUps in 12 Months

In the makerspace, one of the most successful makers and stories in the last year is certainly Pieter Levels. He started to build his products with the challenge to build 12 Startups in 12 Months. It was a huge success of course above all because he built and is building great products but the initial attention also came from the challenge and the story that one guy can build 12 startups in a short among of time. 

The 1000$ story 

Andrey Azimov is documenting his 1000$ story. He quit his job in 2018 to build startup(s) and earn a MRR of $1000. Doing so he launched successfully websites like Sheet2Site, MacBook Alarm or Progress Bar OSX 

Open StartUp Journey by Buffer

We wrote an own article about the open startup movement but also I think it is a very interesting narrative for indie makers and bootstrappers. Buffer is doing a great job in telling their story as a remote company and as well as an open startup sharing all their insights like revenue and growth numbers with their audience. 




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