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Use A Live Roadmap Page To Stay Productive

Ship more by being held publicly accountable

Use A Live Roadmap Page To Stay Productive

If you are self employed online, you probably know it is hard to stay consistent and ship new features every day.  A new tactic I discovered to stay  productive  is to create a live roadmap (here's mine) page that is connected to my Todoist (you can do it with any todo app, or even a custom page on your site wihtout apps where you update it daily),  it updates real time with tasks I finish, and tasks I have to do.

Originally I took inspiration to create this live roadmap page from Simple Analytics, but I quickly noticed that by being held publicly accountable, I had some extra motivation to actually finish the todos and keep shipping every day, otherwise your users/clients would see that your app is "dead" and no one working on it.

Some people asked me: "don't you care about competition copying all your future features that are public?", my thinking is that even if they copy, their execution will be unique to their style and I will be unique to my style, we can let the market decide who "wins".

If you don't feel like sharing with your audience your bugs, or soon to be released features, I think a good alternative would be to join something like WIP, Maker Log, Or Product Hunt Makers, which are communities that push you to stay productive by being having a public todo in a community setting.