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Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new blogging. 


According to CISCO, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. In the State of Inbound Report 2017, HubSpot calls video “the main disruptor.” 

As you see above video marketing can be very important for your business. To get more attention for your project you could produce for example a nice video for your landing page where you explain your product - we will show you later some examples. Before that, we would like you to give a short overview of the main points you should focus in video marketing:

1. Try to educate, entertain and engage 

It is easier to say that but the main aspects of your videos should be at least one of the three things. You should ask yourself the following questions before creating a video: What are some common questions in your industry? What are some key challenges faced by your target audience? What’s the number one priority for your users?

2. If you can use testimonials or promote success stories

To build trust in your product you could use testimonials or success stories of one of your customers. 

3. Measure your performance

Always take a look at what works and what not. To identify if it is working you could measure attention span, view rate, video completion rate, views by embed location, or influence on revenue.

4. Add a clear call to action

Also in video marketing, it is important to add a clear call to action - Should they visit a landing page to learn more about your business, request a consultation, or watch another video?  

5. Video length is important 

It may depend on the platform you are posting your video but according to Wistia, videos that are two minutes or less have a higher engagement rate. 


Example 1: Canny for Intercom

A really good example of that is the product launch video from Canny. They recently launched Canny for Intercom, where you can capture feedback you get from customers during conversations. You can also collect feedback directly in Intercom's new Messenger home.

Example 2: Justin Jackson

Other good examples are the short videos by Justin Jackson to promote his project Productvalidationchecklist. He recorded short videos to explain some of his ideas and methods.